Call Out for Bakers! Daniel Leader participating as a judge, Saturday, June 8th!

Fleischmann’s Yeast is celebrating the 150th anniversary of its founding and the village of Fleischmanns is celebrating its namesake with a weekend of activities.

Charles Fleischmann and his brother Max invented the yeast cake and changed the way Americans bake. After the success of the yeast cake and their Vienna Bread at the 1876 Exposition, they established the legendary Vienna Model Bakery on Broadway in New York City. In the 1880’s, the Fleischmann family built several summer homes, established a train station, built a baseball field and a post office alongside the hamlet of Griffin Corners. In 1912 when the family decided to decamp, they donated a large track of land which today is known as Fleischmanns Park; the Village with gratitude officially changed its name to Fleischmanns in their honor.

The Fleischmann’s Yeast Bake-Off, a key event of Fleischmanns Founders’ Day, will take place June 8th. Dan Leader, the founder of Bread Alone and the author of several cookbooks, as well as his book Living Bread, publication October 2019, will participate as a judge of the competition.

A first and second place winner will be selected for each of two categories by a panel of judges. Each first-place winner will receive a $150 gift card and a Fleischmanns Gift basket, courtesy of AB Mauri, Fleischmann’s Yeast corporate owner and each second-place winner will also receive a Fleischmanns Gift basket and a $100 gift card. The two categories are Breads and Desserts, and, of course, all entries must contain Fleischmann’s Yeast as an ingredient. Bakers are encouraged to be creative. Guidelines and an application are available at, and at or call 854 254-5615.

Whether you are a baker or not there will be something for you at Fleischmanns Founders’ Day. The parade starts at 11am on Main Street, Vintage Baseball at noon, Food Trucks and Vendors, live music and children’s activities from noon to four. See you there!