Dog Control

Dog Control Officer:
Adam Breaux


The Village of Fleischmanns commences its Dog Control Program June 1, 2023.

In an effort to promote public safety, minimize dog-human, dog- dog negative interactions, the village has established a dog control program to serve those ends.

If you observe dogs off leash or other problems, please contact the Dog Control Officer (DCO) at

607.376.7213  (voice message, txt message, photo) or

911 for emergencies requiring medical attention

Include your name, contact information, location, date and time of the incident and the DCO will respond to your complaint.  Such forms will also be available on the village website and in the village office.

If you have questions regarding dog licensing, or other dog related matters, contact the DCO.

Our Dog Control Program is guided by:

  1. Local Dog Control Ordinance
  2. Dog Control Officer Training conducted by NYS Dept of Agriculture and Markets
  3. NYS Public Law Article 7 regarding Animal Control

Mayor Winifred Zubin